Food Addiction

Food addiction is a real problem in today’s society. I struggled with it for most of my life. It’s not easy to detach from the sugary, carb loaded foods we are used to having on a daily basis.

Every time you jump on the next “diet” or “detox” tutorial your body is screaming at you to feed it what it’s been having every day leading up to it.

Most of the time it ends up with the feeling of starvation and you eat whatever is in sight or on hand until feeling completely satisfied or “full” again.

It’s a vicious cycle that isn’t good for your gut health or mind/spirit health.

We’ve been told what is good for us, but to make it a lifestyle change is the key, through small daily changes.

Often we find ourselves tossing everything we believe is not good for our body into the trash, ready to eat healthy, fill our fridge with greens, “healthy” pantry items and jump in both feet without a plan!

I know the idea of it always sounds wonderful and we are full of good intentions when we do this.

My plan will teach you WHAT to look for. Educate you on what ingredients to search for and avoid.

It isn’t about what the packaging says on the front. It’s all a sales pitch. The truth is on the back.

My goal for each and every one of you on this plan is to EDUCATE. Teach you what foods are cleansing which area of the body. You will FEEL the difference. So even when your 27th day is up, you will have enough education and experience in the kitchen and the grocery store to make this a LIFESTYLE change. Because only then will you truly be free from the foods that are slowly but surely poisoning your body.

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