Body Balance

I like to think of the body as a balancing act. When your gut in order, many areas of the body are ready to follow such as your mind health.

Speaking loving, encouraging words to yourself. Just as you would your spouse, sibling, children, or anyone you really care for.

For some reason we poison our mind with negative thoughts about our physical appearance and self doubt. We don’t even realize it’s happening half of the time! It’s so automatic. Speaking loving, kind works and positive affirmations to yourself daily will LITERALLY make you start believing in yourself with consistency. Even if these words and affirmations don’t necessarily seem to true to you right now.

I know, it sounds crazy. But you’ll have to put some trust in me for this one. I suggest downloading the “Yulu” -Daily Affirmations app for daily affirmations, meditations and more.

Meditation helps to clear the mind of negativity, overthinking, stress and doubt. It takes practice. But daily consistency it key. Even if it’s just 5 minutes to start. Your mind will thank you. I highly suggest reading Practical law of attraction by Victoria Gallagher for the duration of my meal program. One chapter a day is all it takes. It’s a phenomenal read on how the universe attracts everything we think of.

Negativity attracts negativity into your life, just like positive thoughts increase positivity. It also includes many lessons to guide you in this new way of thinking. It will change your life, if you’re ready for the change.

I want all of these tips combined during any of my meal plans for complete success. It’s about finding balance in your mind, and body. Loving yourself is truly an important skill to learn for everything else you wish to follow.

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